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Psychiatry and psychotherapy

Nowadays, we have a lot of opportunities that we want to use ... only time is as limited as always. We learn to use every second and ... we accelerate at work, in our daily duties, in responsibility that often becomes excessive. Sometimes we forget about the need to experience the joy of life. It's easy to get lost in everyday life when a person gets lost in their own boundaries, needs, priorities and norms. This is usually the beginning of many sets of symptoms that, if not detected and treated in a timely manner, turn into diseases in susceptible people. Sometimes the difficulties we encounter on our paths of life in connection with overloads of everyday life lead to despondency, which is manifested in ailments arising from the body, anxiety, depression and even psychosis. These symptoms negatively affect the immune and endocrine systems, and disorders in this area exacerbate the disease. Some people have a higher susceptibility, e.g. recorded in genes. Then mental illnesses can appear without any tangible external cause such as difficult or dramatic events in life, somatic diseases, broadly understood stress, hormonal disorders, psychoactive substances: drugs, designer drugs and even some medications.

Recent studies show that an increasing group of the world's population has psychological problems. In addition to the factors already mentioned, they are influenced by: pollution of the environment and food, and the increasingly common sense of loneliness and getting lost in the "rushing world".

Psychiatry deals with the prevention, treatment or rehabilitation of mental diseases and disorders. Psychotherapy makes it easier to remain in a state of mental balance, self-awareness, self-development, better coping with the difficulties of everyday life, appreciating the value of life and functioning in accordance with its standards, and improves social relations. It is a supplement to psychiatric treatment.

A human is a unity of body and spirit, which is why combining psychotherapy techniques and psychiatric treatment seems so important. Frequently, it is not until the holistic treatment is applied (psychiatric, psychotherapeutic and general medical treatment) that the patient's well-being becomes stable and long-lasting.  As a psychiatrist, I provide both psychiatric treatment and individual psychotherapy.