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Information for new patients

The first appointment is a diagnostic appointment during which the patient undergoes psychiatric examination and observation of psychological responses. Based on the examination, provided test results and specialist consultations, a preliminary diagnosis is made and psychiatric, psychotherapeutic or combined treatment is determined.) In some cases, the diagnostic process is extended and the final diagnosis verified at several subsequent meetings. If the patient is under the care of other specialists, e.g. cardiologist, neurologist, internist, nephrologists, oncologist, infectious and tropical disease doctor, dermatologist, gynaecologist or others, they are obliged to bring all the current test results, hospital discharge notes, medical opinions and names of all current medications. This knowledge is necessary to make a reliable diagnosis and determine the correct treatment. In some cases, during the first appointment, patients receive referrals for laboratory, psychological or specialized imaging tests to verify the diagnosis. The patient may come to the appointment alone or with an accompanying person who can tell about the observations made regarding the patient's symptoms. The diagnostic visit lasts up to 60 minutes.