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Information for current patients

A psychiatric meeting for patients during treatment lasts up to 30 minutes, a psychotherapeutic meeting lasts 50 minutes. The frequency of psychiatric meetings depends on the patient's condition and needs, psychotherapeutic sessions take place once a week or once every two weeks. The visit only takes place after prior appointment and confirmation via SMS. The patient receives a message on the day of the appointment and 24 hours before the visit. If you need to cancel your visit, you must immediately inform about it by phone or text to the number on the "Contact - Psychiatry" tab, at least 24 hours before the scheduled meeting. If the appointment is not cancelled or the patient fails to turn up at a scheduled time, the appointment shall be deemed completed, which requires payment of the due amount. During the visits of patients and psychotherapeutic sessions I do not answer calls or text messages from other patients. In case of urgent contact, please send me an text saying why a conversation is needed. I will answer immediately when the first possible opportunity arises (same day or next days).