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Frequently asked questions

  • When is a sick leave issued?

A sick leave can only be issued after the patient has been examined by a doctor and a medical condition that prevents the patient from continuing to work has been diagnosed. In justified cases, a psychiatrist has the right to issue a retroactive sick leave.

  • How long does psychotherapy last?

Psychotherapy is a process. Its length depends on the patient's cooperation and commitment, the severity of the disorder or disease, and the purpose. It can last for several weeks or several years.

  • Can I stop taking the medication after treatment?

Medicines are always discontinued by a doctor after careful examination and confirming stable improvement. Drugs are discontinued slowly to avoid withdrawal symptoms, deterioration of well-being and functioning of the patient. Whether there is a possibility of drug withdrawal is always determined individually for each patient.

  • Can I take medication during pregnancy?

There is insufficient evidence of safe drug use during pregnancy. However, there are many reports of indications for treatment, "safer" drugs during pregnancy and breastfeeding. In each case, treatment is determined individually depending on the patient's mental state and needs.

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