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Orthodontics is a field of dentistry which deals with the movement of teeth within the alveolar bone to improve aesthetics and contact between the teeth of the maxilla and the mandible. For this, the natural ability of bone remodelling is used, but it is carried out in a controlled and planned way by a doctor after a detailed diagnosis and determination of the treatment goal. Such is the classical definition. I would like to briefly present my approach to the importance of orthodontics in our lives.

I will start by explaining two concepts that are often equated: a bite and an occlusion. In further information in this and other tabs on our site, when talking about a bite I mean the arrangement of the teeth in the dental arch and the relationship (contact) of the upper and lower teeth. So we are talking about a static system. I understand the term occlusion as a dynamic system, i.e. indicating how the bite occurs and taking into account the action of the temporal joints and muscles associated with the masticatory organ. It turns out that only this approach to orthodontic treatment can have a beneficial and lasting effect. The latest research has confirmed that the improvement of occlusive conditions has an impact on the functioning of the entire body (respiratory system, sleep, concentration span, headache, neckache, back pain, hearing impairment and hormone secretion (for more information, see the "Occlusion" tab).

In the "Orthodontic treatment" tab, I discuss more aspects related to orthodontic treatment, such as treatment phases, types of braces in relation to the age of patients and their possibilities of action, and discuss several factors affecting the treatment results. Next tabs are devoted to practical information for future, current and former patients. Reflections on the impact of orthodontics on aesthetics, as well as restrictions in this area can be found in the "Aesthetics" tab. Orthodontic treatment, like any other area of life, involves some time and financial costs. Discussion of this aspect is in the "Investment in a beautiful smile" tab.

If you would like to briefly familiarize yourself with our team and office before we meet in person, I invite you to visit the "About us" tab along with subsequent subpages. There is also short information about doctors and offices in various fields with whom we cooperate, and who we can recommend as high-class specialists. All the necessary contact details and information on possible forms of contact can be found in the "Contact" tab