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Our team

Joanna Mazur,MD

I professionally provide psychiatric and psychotherapeutic assistance. I am a doctor, a specialist in psychiatry (obtained the specialization in 2008). From 2009 to 2012 I completed a comprehensive training in psychotherapy at the Polish Erickson Institute. I regularly participate in psychotherapeutic trainings and courses as well as psychiatric conferences. I completed two degrees of hypnotherapy training. I participate in supervision at the Polish Erickson Institute in Łódź. Academically,  I focused on  researching depression. My PhD thesis was entitled "Evaluation of concentration at the protein and mRNA level for IL-1, IL-10, IL-12 in people with recurrent depressive disorders". My husband and I have often talked about what a doctor's job means to us. For us, it is the art of adequate response, therefore the name of our company is also our motto at work. ARS MEDICA means the art of medicine. Non-professional interests are related to experiencing contacts with other people from different cultures while travelling, I like walking, horse riding, rhythm in dance and taking care of my beloved dogs.


Grzegorz Mazur,MD

I finished dental studies in 1994 at the Medical Academy in Łódź. From 1995 to 2008 I worked as an assistant at the Department of Propedeutics and Dental Diagnostics at the Institute of Dentistry in Łódź. In 1998 I obtained a specialization in general dentistry. In 2004 I defended my doctoral dissertation and in 2008 I passed the specialization exam in orthodontics. Since then, orthodontics has become the main focus of my professional interests. At the moment, together with my wife, I run the "Ars Medica" surgery, in which I provide orthodontic treatment for children, adolescents and adults. We also provide professional oral hygiene care for our patients during the period of orthodontic treatment. Since 2014, I have also been involved in the treatment of temporomandibular joint and muscle disorders. It is closely related to orthodontics and at the same time goes far beyond the classic scope of its interests. My non-professional interests include travelling, photography, implementing the virtual world into work and everyday life. In addition, I like clean air, walking in the woods, meeting friends, swimming and a healthy lifestyle (and I still strive for it ...)