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Aesthetics is an inseparable aspect of every orthodontic treatment in both classical and contemporary terms. The distinction between these concepts can be found in the "Orthodontics" tab. There is also information on the content of individual tabs related to orthodontics on our website, which should help you quickly find the topic you are looking for.
Aesthetics was originally the only reason for orthodontic activities. The development of research on the functioning of the masticatory organ has led to increased emphasis on the proper functioning of the entire system (more information on occlusion in the "Occlusion" tab). I think there is no need to judge whether health or beauty is more important. In my diagnostic and therapeutic procedure I always take into account both of these goals regardless of the problem which the patient reported.
At the same time, it must be said that just as there are no two identical bite systems, neither are there two identical treatment plans. Each patient is treated individually and their expectations are always taken into account.
Much time was devoted to defining the canon of aesthetics. What can be affirmed is that there is no uniform pattern. Different values have been, are and will be appreciated on different continents, in different cultures and in different periods of history.

Also in orthodontics, many researchers have attempted to create a model in terms of aesthetics. This is mostly related to the symmetry and profile of the face, the shape of the dental arches, the proportion of length and width of the front teeth, the relation of the centre lines of the dental arches (especially the upper ones) the face line, the relationship between the bite plane, the pupil line, the smile line (position of the edges of the upper teeth in relation to a lower lip). In the course of diagnostics and treatment planning, digital photographs are taken to assess current aesthetic parameters and possible need for their correction. There are, as in other aspects of treatment, certain limitations related to bone structure, tissue condition (tooth and periodontal damage), which may be difficult to correct. Similarly, individual laughter muscle activity may hinder or even prevent the correction of a gummy smile. Some of your aesthetic expectations will require collaboration with specialists from other fields (aesthetic dentistry, prosthetics, maxillofacial surgery, aesthetic medicine).
In my work, I assumed that the patient is an expert in aesthetics. Therefore, I try to meet the patients' expectations in this regard as long as there are no objective restrictions (see above), even at the expense of a prolonged treatment.
Please report any individual expectations and comments related to aesthetics as soon as possible, so that it does not unnecessarily extend the time of treatment.
More information related to orthodontic treatment can be found in other tabs on our website. Feel free to visit them.