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An investment in a beautiful smile

At this point I would like to present one of the aspects of orthodontic treatment which is financing (costs). You can find more about the treatment in other tabs on our website.

Orthodontic treatment is not cheap. It is influenced by high material costs (fixed appliances and accessories) and a long treatment time (over a dozen or over twenty appointments depending on the treatment plan). It is also modified by factors such as the severity and type of the defect, the speed of bone remodelling (individual and age-related), the type of clasps selected by the patient (metal or cosmetic). The duration of treatment is also connected with the fact that orthodontic treatment involves bone remodelling and the bone is the slowest metabolizing tissue in our body (just compare the healing time of skin wound and bone fracture). The complete reconstruction of skeletal cells takes 5-6 years and for example red blood cells 15 times shorter.

The cost of treatment consists of: the price of materials (appliance and all accessories replaced and added during treatment), the cost of appointments and stabilizing appliances used after treatment. Just as it is impossible to predict the exact number of appointments or possible failures requiring more than standard measures, it is not possible to accurately predict the cost of treatment. In order to minimize the risk of large price increases related to e.g. prolonged treatment, I have adopted the contract option. After developing a treatment plan, I calculate its cost taking into account all parts and appointments for the shortest possible treatment time. This means that if the treatment is prolonged for some reason, the patient does not pay for additional appointments. Also, there are no additional costs connected with emergency appointments, excluding situations of deliberate action or negligence by the patient. After determining the size of the contract and signing the contract, the patient has the option of dividing the payments into installments throughout the treatment.

It is worth treating the costs of treatment as an investment in yourself. Needless to say how important a beautiful smile is in the modern world (social and professional contacts, partner relations). You should not forget about the health aspect and the impact on the whole body (see the "Occlusion" tab). Smile and eyes are two elements that we pay attention to in the first place in contact with other people.

The costs are divided into three groups. The first is related to consultation and treatment, the second to treatment and the third to the period of stabilization after treatment (retention).

Group one:

- consultation 70-100 PLN

-diagnostics: first appointment (impressions) PLN 250

second appointment (treatment plan) PLN 300

third  appointment (if needed) (occlusive diagnosis) PLN 200