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Appointments can only take place after prior appointment by phone, which will be confirmed by text from the iGabinet platform. You do not need to acknowledge receipt of the message. Please do not send messages to the iGabinet platform because the system does not accept them. Cancelling or postponing visits only at the telephone number given below.

Office address:

ul. Ptasia 5 m. 5
(entrance from Proletariacka street)
93-571 Łódź

Information and reservations:
Opening hours:

Monday 12:00-19:30
Tuesday 10:30-15:00 (consultations only)
Wednesday 10:30-19:30
Thursday 10:30-15:00

Registration data:

BUSINESS ID NO: 100845177
No. account: 44 1140 2017 0000 4202 1308 6516

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